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In 2021, the creator economy and the emerging web3 have coalesced to form a new paradigm of community. Whereas the platform economy moved the web from homepages to profiles and feeds, more recent developments make it easier to co-create products and services together with communities. The talk will focus on community building & discovering new opportunities through community while also touching upon web3 concepts like decentralized autonomous organisations (DAOs) and tokenization. By the end, it should be clearer how artists, music companies and startups can leverage the power of community to develop healthy & sustainable business models.

Master: Bas Grasmayer

When: Thursday September 2, 10am/12pm

Where: online, zoom link will be provided to the selected participants

Bas Grasmayer’s masterclass is part of the final event of the  Music Tech Europe Academy European project. At the end of the session, online participants will be able to interact through a final Q&A with Bas and with the startups and international experts from MTE Academy.


Are you an exceptional artist or music business professional? Are you ready for the next level?

Apply to the Keychange programme for international opportunities, training, mentoring, networking and promotion globally throughout 2022!
Keychange is here to overcome barriers that women and gender minorities encounter in the music industry. We are here to confront the imbalance and offer solutions towards a representative industry.


Keychange supports women and gender minority Artists and Innovators to take part in an extensive talent development programme of showcases, panels, workshops, mentoring and creative sessions. The year-long programme takes place at 13 festivals across Europe and Canada, including 2 full network meetups in February and September. As well as exporting opportunities, the Keychange talent developement programme helps participants to get to the next stage in their career through targeted training. Our partnership with on our we.grow mentoring programme helps to build confidence and address any barriers they might face with personal one-on-one support; inspiring and empowering participants with direct access to experienced role models. Our Capacity Building Programme offers bespoke panels, webinars, workshops and group sessions featuring speakers from organisations such as Ableton, The Orchard, Twitch, Music Declares Emergency, TikTok and more.

Why should I apply to the Keychange talent development programme?

Have you experienced barriers because of your gender? Do you need to build your confidence and your contacts list? Keychange supports exceptional talent from across the world to the next stage in their career. We recruit 74 participants in each cohort and provide them with the opportunities they need to progress. We can help you realise your potential and become the leaders of tomorrow.

What do I get as a Keychange Participant?

Each participant gets a travel bursary so they can attend at least 2 international Keychange events. At these events they will have access to a bespoke training programme featuring inspirational speakers and development opportunities. In partnership with, each participant will have the option to take part in the online peer-to-peer mentoring programme, we.grow. As well as being part of our international movement for equality, with new connections to partners, sponsorssignatories and Ambassadors, a significant part of the programme is engaging with (and collaborating with) the 74 participants who are part of your cohort. The more you put into Keychange, the more you will get from it! 

What monetary support options are there?

Each participant will get a baseline travel bursary. We allocate extra funds to participants who are based in Canada (as they need to travel further), to participants with childcare needs, and to participants with access needs.

How do I apply?

We recruit participants in 2019, 2021 and 2022. When applications are open you can apply here.

On Keychange social channels and on website, you will find more information and insights on how to fill out the application, but for any doubts or questions you can contact us at and we will be happy to help you!

What’s the selection process and next steps?

The partners in your country assess your applications based on the quality of your work, your application, and if they think now is the right time for you to be involved in the programme. Applications are scored and a shortlist of applicants are taken through to the live decision panel. Our festival partners then select the applications that they would like to come along to their festival.

In the context of this year’s Milan Digital Week (17-21. March 2021) Music Innovation Hub and Ethereum Foundation’s Remix Team are proud to give musicians, music producers and entrepreneurs in the music field the unique opportunity to attend a 5 hours course to the Ethereum Blockchain and its game-changing tools for creatives. The course will be held by Rob Stupay (developer / Ethereum Foundation’s Remix Team) and Matteo Tambussi (musician and project developer / ETHTurin, ETHLocal).


MUSIC ON THE BLOCKCHAIN // Crash course to Ethereum

An introduction to the basic tools of the Ethereum Blockchain held by Rob Stupay (Ethereum Foundation’s Remix team) and Matteo Tambussi (ETHTurin, ETHLocal)

The course will be divided into two modules:

Module One (17. March, h. 15:00 CET, 3 hours)
Identification of the Music Industry’s dynamics and assets. Theoretical basics of the Decentralized Web in relation to the current state of the Music Industry. Attendants’ first practical iteration.

Module Two (20. March, h. 16:00 CET, 2 hours)
Attendants’ iterations review. Hands-on tutorial to the most used smart contracts in Ethereum and Token Standards. Open discussion. Attendance badges.

Given the dense structure of the contents, MIH and Ethereum Foundation’s Remix Team will select five among all the applicants who will be granted the participation to the course. Please fill the form below and show us your motivation and interest to take part in this unique event.



So don’t miss the chance to apply for Music Tech Europe Academy, a 7 months program addressed to 10 high potential and talented music-tech innovators/entrepreneurs/startups across Europe who offer scalable and sustainable technologic, business and artistic solutions for the music sector.

Open Call for music-tech innovators, entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs across Europe.

2020 has proved to us more than ever how the music system not only needs to keep pace with the constant evolutions, but to anticipate those changes and even drive the change.
A substantial and growing part of the innovations in the music sector takes place outside the

traditional music industry and most of the change came and will continue to be coming from the bottom up.

The Music Tech Europe Academy aims to discover highly talented music-tech innovators, entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs who are using technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Blockchain, VR, AR, 3D Audio or MetaData in order to create scalable

and sustainable solutions for the music sector. It’s a hybrid and scalable training scheme co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of The European Union and coordinated by Music Innovation Hub (IT) in partnership with Media Deals (DE).