social enterprise

Music, in all its forms and guises, is a formidable tool for the creation of social capital and economic development. MIH aims to foster this potential in an integrated and sustainable manner in order to bring about cultural, social and economic impact. This is why MIH was set up as a social enterprise, a non-profit business entity in which the revenue generated is channelled back into supporting the social and cultural mission of the enterprise. MIH is the first ever social enterprise of its kind to appear on the national music scene. In keeping with its social ethos, it adopts a collaborative and non-competitive approach to business right along the production line, both in Italy and abroad. Only in this way is it possible to bring about an impact both in social and economic terms. Here are the main impact areas that will be monitored by the enterprise on an annual basis:

  •   Support for new artists: to increase access opportunities for a significant number of new Italian talents.
  •   Artist responsibility. Every MIH artist has a focus on one or more social issues with which they have a natural affinity.
  •   Mutualism among artists. The most successful artists invest part of their economic return back in the system in order to nurture other talented artists.
  •   Support for the musical education system. Development of a landmark initiative for the diffusion of music for children and teenagers.
  •   Events promoting music culture.
  •   “Hyper – social”. The third year of business will see the launch of further initiatives with major social impact. These could include activities designed to bring people together or talent scouting in critical areas.

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