Music education is at the heart of the MIH mission, aimed at fostering a new generation of artists and music professionals. MIH harnesses the value of music as a tool for cultural integration, the breaking down of social barriers, emancipation and liberation, and personal growth as well as a place to find your professional calling.


Linecheck Academy is a networking and learning programme created for established professionals. Over the course of the year, the Academy provides a series of workshops, masterclasses and sessions devoted to networking and international exchange. Areas of learning include: technology, communications, marketing and business management, and intellectual property. The courses are led by international professionals from the MIH network and held in the BASE musicROOMS.


Chorus is the programme designed to facilitate access to music and the music industry, developed in partnership with music education experts. Over the course of the year, Chorus provides experiences and courses for adults and young people from all backgrounds and nationalities.

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