Music matters.

Music matters to EDUCATION.

Through music people grow, learn to listen, think, create, experiment,
make conscious choices.

Music matters to SOCIETY.

It holds the power to set the weakest among us free, bring the young
together, drive change, open our eyes to new cultures, to our kinship with
all of humanity.

Music matters to CULTURE.

It shines new light on the past, drags tradition into the present, fuels
conversation with the whole spectrum of art and culture.

Music matters to the ECONOMY.

It boosts cultural and creative industries,
generates business opportunities, creates new employment.

That’s why MIH came to be:

To bind together Music’s educational, social, cultural and economic value.

To guarantee music for all.

To embody a drive for innovation throughout the industry.

A modern hybrid looking to throw out the rules.

MIH SpA – Social Enterprise.


Founding Partners